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Riley County Police Department

Personal Career Portfolio

User Tab

User Information


PCP Demographics Form

This will be the first form that the user sees once they are logged in to the system.


PCP Awards Form

This is where the user will maintain their awards.


PCP Certifications and Licensing


PCP Education Form

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Since there is a lot of data captured for a lesson learned this form is a summary for the user to review all of their lessons learned. If they want to edit/review the detail they will dbl click on the summary line. There will be a button to enter a new lesson learned. Both actions will open the Lessons Learned Tabular form.

Lessons Learned - Detail

Lessons Learned Tabular

This form will be used to add new lessons learned as well as edit/review lessons selected from the summary form.


Goals - Summary

This is a summary of the goals currently entered by the user. They are sorted by goal type and Target Date. If the user wants to edit a goal they will dbl click on the summary line on this form. If they wish to enter a new goal there will be a button to launch the entry (tabular) form.

Goals - Detail

Goals - Tabular

This is the Goals entry/edit form. This is where the user will enter new goals or edit those selected from the Goal summary form.

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Reports Tab

Report Selection
Goals Report ExampleExample of Goals Report

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Admin Tab

Administrative Functions
User Maintenance FormUser Maintenance Form. Enter new users and make changes to existing users.

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Database Prototype

Current Version of Prototype
Personal Career Portfolio Prototype Right click and "save as" to a location of your choosing.

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User's Guide

Current Version of User's Guide
Personal Career Portfolio User's Guide Click to open or right click and "save as" to read offline.

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