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19 NOV 2019 Assignments


This is the morning codiing assignement. It is due by 1pm today. Please remember to sign-in.

18 NOV 2019 Assignments


This is the morning codiing assignement. It is due by 1pm today. Please remember to sign-in.


The Afternoon assignment consists of more vocabulary and a program.



David Toops



Intoduction Questionaire

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Prep Text

Computer Based Training

This link will take you to the Alison site. You will sign-up and login. Once your account is created you can search for "Introduction to C++ Programming" or go come back to this page and click on the link again.

Online C++

This is an online C++ compiler. If you do not have a laptop this is the C++ compiler you will use while in class.

Visual Studio Community

If you would like install Microsoft Visual Studio Community follow the link to the left. This will download the MS Visual Studio installer. I would suggest doing this at home and not at the FEC. However, if you have problems bring your lapttop to class and I will assist you in getting it installed.

C++ Text

Please read the relevant chapters in the book as you progress through the course.

Additional Resources


Computer Dictionary

Alison Source Code

I have downloaded the Source Code from the Alison site and will make it available here.

Number Systems

Additoinal resouce explaining the different number systems and who to convert from one to the other.

Machine Code

An explanation of what machine code and other code formats.

ASCII Coding

American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Before this standard one computer system may store "A" one way and another computer system would store it a different way..

UTF-8 Encoding

Is the current "standard" for character encoding. It is a variable width encoding which means that it can be expanded to handle any character set.

Inspirational Reading

The "original" professional development book.

Networking Card

Networking cards are great to have. They are a efficient and professional way to give somene your contact information.

Number Systems

A side by side listing of the numbers 0 - 1024 in Decimal, Binary, Octal, and Hexacecimal


A good illustration of how floating point numbers are stored in a computer system.

Additional Programming is has a number of courses to introduce and teach programming at all levels.